FoxWeb Sample Programs

This page lists the sample files that are installed on the server during FoxWeb setup. All locations are relative to the FoxWeb Program Root, which by default is the Programs subdirectory of your FoxWeb directory. If you have relocated the FoxWeb Program Root, then you will need to move these scripts to the new location.

Note: If you wish to modify these scripts and use them on your site, you should first copy them to a different location and use the copies instead. The original sample scripts get overwritten whenever you upgrade to a new version, or use the Repair FoxWeb Installation option in Add/Remove Programs.

Incremental Zip Code Search with AJAX Technology
A simple search script, demonstrating the use of the fwJSON object and AJAX technology with FoxWeb. A form allows the user to enter the first few characters of a zip code. As the user types in the field, the script makes asynchronous AJAX requests to the server to retrieve the matching result set.

PDF File Creation
This very simple script creates and serves a PDF file, using a VFP form, a PDF printer driver and FoxWeb's fwPDF object.

PDF File Creation 2
Another simple PDF creation script. This one allows the user to specify whether the file should be opened inline in the Web browser, or downloaded as an attachment and opened with Adobe Acrobat.

Simple Name Search
A very simple program, which demonstrates interaction with a data table. A form asks the user for a search string, locates all records matching this string and displays the result set.

Contact Mine
A simple contact management application written in FoxWeb. This program demonstrates most aspects of Web-based programming and can be used as a blueprint for creating other applications.

FoxWeb Error Log Viewer
A more sophisticated application, demonstrating the use of many advanced technologies, including user authentication, Dynamic HTML (DHTML), Cascading StyleSheets (CSS) and JavaScript. This application can be used to examine and administer the FoxWeb Error Log remotely over the Web.

Cookie Demo
This script illustrates the use of cookies in FoxWeb programs. It keeps track of the number of times it has been requested by a particular user, by storing this number in a permanent cookie.

Session Demo
This script illustrates the use of Session Variables in FoxWeb programs. It prompts users to set their preferred background color and remembers it by storing it in a session variable. It also allows users to manually add and edit session variables and displays the SessionID and LastHit properties of the Session object.

This sample program demonstrates file uploads. It presents a form, which allows users to select a file name on their computer. When the form is submitted, the file is received by the script and stored on the server.

This script illustrates how you can return non-HTML content from your programs.

This script illustrates the use of the Auth object to password-protect your scripts.

Sending EMail
This simple script illustrates the use of the SmartMail object to send a text message. In order to use it you will need to modify the code, specifying valid To and From email addresses, as well as the address of your SMTP server.

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